About me

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Majeste Amour Pearson was born October 29th 1996 to Gina and Carlton Pearson.

For the first decade of her life In Tulsa Oklahoma ,She quickly discovered an attraction the arts.  At age four she began classical piano lessons. Music became an everyday expression.  

    Throughout elementary and middle school,  she consistently strived to learn, gain and strengthen the crafts 

At age 10 she discovered an appreciate for theatre. After her father shifted his beliefs to radical Inclusion. The “Expanded Consciousness” relocated them to Chicago IL.   

In 2011, She was accepted into Chicago’s first public performing arts high school. She received a double major in the voice and piano division

In 2014 , her family moved back to Oklahoma, where she graduated from Jenks Highschool. She’s participated in National Competitions and received top recognition for her contribution. Following graduation, she briefly studied at Tulsa community college. Last summer she received a scholarship to attend New York Film Academy. She graduated with a certificate In Musical theatre.  Her passion extends beyond  the arts, into the child development and veterinary science.  She’s has hands on training as a technician at a Veterinary Practice. Prior to her journey to New York, she taught at a preschool.  

Her ongoing focus is to pursue life, connecting through the artistic outlets and opportunities, inspiring the healing and global restoration.